Instagram Tips, Tricks, Hacks 2017

instagram followers tips and hacks 2017

I have new Instagram followers tips and tricks for you! For example, look at how you can create more beautiful Instagram texts for your Bio in profile and captions. You will be able to create unusual, individual and beautifully readable texts. Then I’ll show you how to share music in Instagram and some more.

1. Remove the geotag.

Sometimes you upload pictures with a location. You can check this by typing on this site icon in your profile. You will then be shown a map with all the photos that have a geotag. If you ran zooms you can see that this is very accurate. If a lot of pictures of you are close to one place, others can also get strangers out of your address, which is perhaps a bit dangerous. Therefore, you should remove some geotags. To do this, tap Edit on the top right and then the corresponding image so that the green one becomes a gray zero. If we have done this for all the pictures we want to remove from the map, tap Finish on the upper right and confirm the geotag distance.

2. Save pictures.

For this I have an app tip for you with which you can store all the pictures in Instagram clearly in different folders, no matter who uploaded the photo. The app is called Listapost and is similar to Instagram, you can switch between your feed, the search function, the folders in which the stored images are located, and your Instagram profile. If you find a picture in the feed or in the search that you want to store for later, tap the plus sign and assign it to a list or create a new one. What can look like this after a while. The good thing about this method is that it does not save your pictures on your smartphone, saving valuable storage space.

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3. More beautiful Instagram texts.

Now let’s look at how we can better shape our Bio profile and our image info. If we are in Instagram, we unfortunately can not make paragraphs. The only way to do this is to write the text that we want to have as image info or bio, write it outside Instagram, eg in the note app, then copy and paste it into Instagram. This makes it possible to make texts more readable. If we are in the profile and tap Edit Profile, we can also use a previously formatted text for the biography.

In order to make texts now centered, we also have to copy and paste out of Instagram invisible characters, because normal spaces of Instagram are automatically removed. These are the invisible characters you need to copy and paste into Instagram to make the Bio Center.

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When we insert and store the in Instagram, we see that the indent is not deleted by Instagram.

Using the Copy and Paste principle, you can also use other design elements for your texts in Instagram. For example, copy other fonts or symbols, and then paste them into Instagram. So you can create chic and unusual bios.

Another tip, perhaps it is easier for you to edit the bio on the computer, since copying and pasting may be easier.

4. Share music in Instagram.

If Instagram is your Social Network number 1, then you might want to share songs with your friends, or just listen to Spotify. This is exactly what you can use the app sounds. For example, in the Spotify tab, select a song, tap the Instagram icon, and then click Share on Instagram. Then a video with sound and cover image will open in Instagram. As a caption, we can simply go to the beginning, then automatically titles and artists are used. So we can introduce our music to friends in the Instagram Feed.

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5. Search history.

You may know that if you want to show a friend what is in Instagram or he uses your cell phone, then the search can be embarrassed in Instagram. You can remove individual search terms by briefly typing the corresponding term and then tapping Hide. This disappears what others should not see. If you want to delete the complete search process, go to the settings by tapping in the profile top right and then scrolling down to the search point.

6. Pictures.

If you want to find a picture of what you have in the past times, for example, to show it to a friend. Or if you just want to see all the pictures you liked. Then you can go the settings to the point posts that you like. You can remove images from it by simply tapping the picture and then removing the like.

7. Follow Friday.

Maybe you know the Follow Friday action on Instagram, where you can imagine his community other cool Instagramer. A nice thing with which one also mutually supported to get more followers. With the App Follow Friday, the whole thing is super easy and super fast. You type in the 4 squares one after the other and enter the Instagram account in the search field, which you want to recommend and select an image from his profile. That makes her synonymous with the 3 others. Then you can post the picture in Instagram and the nice is that even the linked Instagram names are copied and you have to use these in the caption only.