Brawl Stars Tips, Tricks And Cheats : Latest Supercell Game

Brawl Stars Tips, Tricks And Cheats Latest Supercell Game

Brawl Stars is the new masterpiece of Supercell, already creator of Royale Clash. But what is it and how to play this new sort of MOBA Mobile? Where can I find the apk? There are already tricks to win? We try to do some ‘clarity.

Move aside, Clash Royale : coming Brawl Stars . Or rather, the new game of Supercell , which promises to become another global phenomenon between apps, mobile devices, is already out in Canada and soon will come here too.

But what Brawl Stars? How to play? You can try now already in Italy, maybe hunting of ‘ apk with which to install it? What are the characters in this game? Are there any tricks to win?

Brawl Stars: a MOBA for all

Brawl Stars is a kind of mix between a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and a shooter. The game, just released on the App Store Canada June 15, 2017, is free , but as happens in most cases, you can buy upgrades and privileges in the appropriate store.

In principle, Brawl Stars is a battle against 3 3 last shot, which takes place within a map from established boundaries. How Royale in Clash, even in Brawl Stars There are four different types of cards: common , rare , epic and legendary .

These cards are represented by Brawlers , that is, by the characters with whom you can fight. Currently there are 15, divided into 7 municipalities, rare 4, 2 and 2 epic legendary.

How to find Brawler: The Brawl Box

The mechanism of production of the cards is also incorporated here by Royale Clash. Spending 100 Coin or 10 buds (in-game currency will discuss shortly) it is possible to buy a Brawl Box , the equivalent of Royale Clash trunks.

Not only. The Brawler can also be obtained with another type of currency, the chip , which are obtained from the ‘duplication’ possibly present in Brawl Boxing. In short, such a thing to aracane dust of Hearthstone , with which you can craft the cards.

Coin, gems, elixir and chips

As we have already mentioned, we continue the conversation talking about the four types of currency found in Brawl Stars: coin , gems , elixir and chips .

  • Coin : you use it to buy Brawl Box, containing Brawler or elixir. In the case of ‘duplicate’ (ie a Brawler already present in the collection), it receives a chip with which you can buy other Brawler.
  • Gems : you use it to buy Brawl box, other coin, alternative skins for the Brawler.
  • Elixir : found in Brawl Box and serve to increase the level of Brawler (up to a maximum of 45 elixir).
  • Chip : found in Brawl Box and serve to buy Brawler.

How to play Brawl Stars

Currently there are four game modes provided in Brawl Stars.

  • Bounty : classic elimination match where Brawler have unlimited lives. The goal is to get more deletions of the opposing team.
  • Smash & Grab : in this mode should be gathered first 10 crystals, which are located in the center of the map. But be careful: when a Brawler who collected the crystal will be able to steal them.
  • Heist : a team must defend his safe, the other must try to steal the contents.
  • Showdown : the equivalent of the Royal Rumble in wrestling. Ten brawler, one against the other, until there can be only one.

The characters in the game

The first character available to the game is Shelly , whose gun is capable of reaching even distant targets. Among the common Brawler there’s Colt , who has two guns: Shelly does not reach the distance, but his number of shots per minute is much higher. Jessie , however, shoot balls of electricity, while Brock has a missile launcher that does area damage.

Eye Dynamike and Nita : the first throws dynamite (yes, dynamite!), While the second has no weapons but you can inflict devastating blows to those who pass by. Finally El Primo , whose punches are feared.

Let the rare Brawler . Ricochet is a shooter whose bullets (as the name suggests) can bounce; Bull is a kind of Shelly enhanced; Shortly he strikes with his guitar (but woe to underestimate him); Barley finally throws poisonous bottles.

The two epic Brawler is the archer Bo and Mortis , armed with a devastating shovel. Crow and Spike are the two Brawler legendary Crow launches three poisoned knives at a time, while Spike is a cactus that launches explosive cactus balls.

All Brawler finally have a secret move powerful that activates accumulating energy.

Brawl Stars: apk download and tricks

You may already play Brawl Stars from Italy? Unfortunately not. Or rather, ni . The game, as mentioned, is present only Canadian in the App Store. But it does not take much to set up your account so that you can make the download apk Brawl Stars

Unfortunately, currently the game is only available for iOS . To see Brawl Stars on Android , we have to wait a bit ‘.

Finally, here are some tricks to better play Brawl Stars:

  • Team Work . To excel in this MOBA need coordination and harmony. If you want to win, create your team, you open a dedicated room and play as much as possible together.
  • Make use of the hiding places . The grass is excellent for hiding. If you are winning, it makes no sense to risk being eliminated. Look for a good time to hide in the grass and rimaneteci.
  • Do not chase the kill . Eye to want to eliminate at all costs the opponent. Tracking a Brawler in its base is a serious mistake. Even if you are about to delete, do not pursue him too much or you will risk your skin.
  • Make path – aiming . If you hold your finger, you will see the trajectory of your shot. Useful to increase the probability of success of the coup in situations where you have no particular hurry.

Brawl Stars: gameplay

We leave you with the video of the gameplay Brawl Stars, produced by the well known YouTuber Cicciogamer :

Instagram Tips, Tricks, Hacks 2017

instagram followers tips and hacks 2017

I have new Instagram followers tips and tricks for you! For example, look at how you can create more beautiful Instagram texts for your Bio in profile and captions. You will be able to create unusual, individual and beautifully readable texts. Then I’ll show you how to share music in Instagram and some more.

1. Remove the geotag.

Sometimes you upload pictures with a location. You can check this by typing on this site icon in your profile. You will then be shown a map with all the photos that have a geotag. If you ran zooms you can see that this is very accurate. If a lot of pictures of you are close to one place, others can also get strangers out of your address, which is perhaps a bit dangerous. Therefore, you should remove some geotags. To do this, tap Edit on the top right and then the corresponding image so that the green one becomes a gray zero. If we have done this for all the pictures we want to remove from the map, tap Finish on the upper right and confirm the geotag distance.

2. Save pictures.

For this I have an app tip for you with which you can store all the pictures in Instagram clearly in different folders, no matter who uploaded the photo. The app is called Listapost and is similar to Instagram, you can switch between your feed, the search function, the folders in which the stored images are located, and your Instagram profile. If you find a picture in the feed or in the search that you want to store for later, tap the plus sign and assign it to a list or create a new one. What can look like this after a while. The good thing about this method is that it does not save your pictures on your smartphone, saving valuable storage space.


3. More beautiful Instagram texts.

Now let’s look at how we can better shape our Bio profile and our image info. If we are in Instagram, we unfortunately can not make paragraphs. The only way to do this is to write the text that we want to have as image info or bio, write it outside Instagram, eg in the note app, then copy and paste it into Instagram. This makes it possible to make texts more readable. If we are in the profile and tap Edit Profile, we can also use a previously formatted text for the biography.

In order to make texts now centered, we also have to copy and paste out of Instagram invisible characters, because normal spaces of Instagram are automatically removed. These are the invisible characters you need to copy and paste into Instagram to make the Bio Center.

Also Learn how to view private instagram profiles : click here

When we insert and store the in Instagram, we see that the indent is not deleted by Instagram.

Using the Copy and Paste principle, you can also use other design elements for your texts in Instagram. For example, copy other fonts or symbols, and then paste them into Instagram. So you can create chic and unusual bios.

Another tip, perhaps it is easier for you to edit the bio on the computer, since copying and pasting may be easier.

4. Share music in Instagram.

If Instagram is your Social Network number 1, then you might want to share songs with your friends, or just listen to Spotify. This is exactly what you can use the app sounds. For example, in the Spotify tab, select a song, tap the Instagram icon, and then click Share on Instagram. Then a video with sound and cover image will open in Instagram. As a caption, we can simply go to the beginning, then automatically titles and artists are used. So we can introduce our music to friends in the Instagram Feed.

5. Search history.

You may know that if you want to show a friend what is in Instagram or he uses your cell phone, then the search can be embarrassed in Instagram. You can remove individual search terms by briefly typing the corresponding term and then tapping Hide. This disappears what others should not see. If you want to delete the complete search process, go to the settings by tapping in the profile top right and then scrolling down to the search point.

6. Pictures.

If you want to find a picture of what you have in the past times, for example, to show it to a friend. Or if you just want to see all the pictures you liked. Then you can go the settings to the point posts that you like. You can remove images from it by simply tapping the picture and then removing the like.

7. Follow Friday.

Maybe you know the Follow Friday action on Instagram, where you can imagine his community other cool Instagramer. A nice thing with which one also mutually supported to get more followers. With the App Follow Friday, the whole thing is super easy and super fast. You type in the 4 squares one after the other and enter the Instagram account in the search field, which you want to recommend and select an image from his profile. That makes her synonymous with the 3 others. Then you can post the picture in Instagram and the nice is that even the linked Instagram names are copied and you have to use these in the caption only.



Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Tips and Tricks

yu gi oh duel links tips tricks and cheats

Games can be really tricky for beginners, especially if they are strategy games like Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. Games like these require both your hard work and strategic approach. So, today we are going to make it a little easy for you with our Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Tips and Tricks. Just follow these tricks and watch yourself improve. So, let’s not waste time anymore and dive into the Yu Gi Oh Tips and Tricks.

Take Quizzes

Try to complete at least the 1-star Duel Quizzes once in a while as they give good rewards. You can get some special cards as you complete these quizzes. These cards will help you fight those difficult opponents easily.

Use Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack

Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack is a free to use software that can generate unlimited amount of resources like diamonds and coins in your game without making you spend even a single penny. What else do you want? Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack makes you king of the game. It’s free and totally safe to use.

Defensive mindset never hurts

It’s good if you can just attack attack and attack but playing defensive sometimes give fruitful results. Keep in mind that when a monster is defeated in defensive position it does not make you lose LP. So, keep you decks balanced it should both have defensive as well as offensive cards.

PVP Arena

Everyone wants to go online and beat the heck out of other players present online but you have to be prepared for the worst. Make sure that at least you have a deck better than which is offered in the starting of the game, this will help you win over beginners easily.

So, these were some cool tips and tricks you can apply easily in your game to become better in it. See you soon. Thanks for reading.